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Jane Doe

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A Sequel Of Decay
In decadence i take thee by the hand
Too gain the promised land
Too take your pain away
Too frail...a sequel of decay

May milleniums gather
On the mirage of desolated souls
Far between departure and sorrow
I breed my afterthought
In thy hours of vast dejection's haunt

An angel strays upon my door
So frail and lost within
To weep upon her days of yore
My decadent come in
Her stain and tears upon my floor
The sorrow that she brings
Devotion of a life outworn
In decadence come in

May thy lids desorb from emerald seas
A pending solitary
Though thy pain redeems
Life it seems to be a fragile sanctuary
 _____________________________ _

Crushed Dreams
You choke a scream
Crushing a dream
Made the scheme real

Show this sinner your precious god
Lift the blame off my shoulders
With a simple thought
Show me life's pleasure
And how it is caught
Not just the air i breathe
Or the dream i forgot …

The last smile
The last word
It's time again to face the final outcome
The pagan
The godless deeds
Fall …
Deep …
Your vacuum made complete

Exterminate …
Eradicate …

Preparing for death
Awaiting the light to shine on us
Wishing the sun to fall down on our heads
Show us the joy in the world
That we're living in
Turn our dreams into sin

Your first breath
The far tolls
It's you these bells were made to call for
The pagan
The godless deeds
Crawl …
Deep …
The last hypocrisy

Walk the path
The shining path

Lift this prayer to heaven's heights
Feed my mind
With the most glorious thoughts
Sacrificing all my dreams
For this i will serve and honour to death
Or do i just fear the tyrant's wrath?
 _____________________________ _

Call thy name at nightfall
Reach out for thee life's rose
Cast thy veils at sunset
Trespass the waning in my halls
Prosperous beauty
Embraced by eden's heart
Call thy name out tearful
Reveal to me thy deepest loss

Cast... make haste my savage wall
For an end
Thy savage... bleak night
In life thy tears grow scarlet
Come desired nightfall
Enchant my grievous loss
Life bewailed at sunset
Trespass the shadows in my heart
Arise before me
Bequeath thy grievous loss
Dark at heart i mourn thee
Replace the vigour she once lost

A friendly push
Off the cliff - is all I need
A sudden change
Or a smile
Could make me feel alive,
Anything to take the ignorance away

There is a hole in my chest
where my heart used to be
If you're looking for emptiness,
I'm what you need
Colder and darker and worse
Sometimes life's just a curse

My ashen face
My snow-white skin
Perfect Isolation
Time - slips
My asylum years
Will end in silence
Without tears

All illusions lost
All colours faded
A senseless pain
Like a sparrow to the ground
Leave no trace of life

Music as my ship set sails
Through the window
From the street

Leave no marks
upon my skin
Dreamless sleep
The convent walls on fire

Dreams and betrayal - hand in hand
Falling apart in a drug wonderland
Unable to move and talk
Unable to care at all...

Somebody is knocking at my door
Somebody - I think I have seen before
I'm trembled and shaken and stirred
I wish I could be a bird


I've been trying to participate
In masquerades
The throne's been empty for too long
Paradise for those who play along
And the fortunate ones

I've been listening to the voice
At night
And he is right
I am the chosen one
And my shepherd, he has paid my ride
I will go with a smile

I've been begging for the public eye
Now watch me fly
Can you see what i've become
So expose me - i shall be released
When the flesh paints the street

I was walking through the valley of
The living dead
Did not count the tears i shed
Always chasing those elusive dreams
A drop of blood in the stream


You can hate me for
All the things i do
You should let my heart go
Whatever you decide to do
You can make me bleed
You can make me cry
You can make me fall
You can make me live or die
And i wonder how
And you wonder why

For years our world has been falling apart
But we're tied up by words
The surface is smooth and cold
But underneath the blood always boils

It's getting harder
Getting worse now
We're growing colder
Digging deeper
In our minds

You laughed, but your smile never reached your eyes
You cried, but your eyes never shed a tear
And i wonder how
You laughed, and you untied your hair
There are things to do
Things we never could tell

Name me
Use me
Blame me
Every time you hurt
Your favours are not what i deserve


Tender Trip On Earth
Another day - the next page
Still in daze - still in a dream
Out of the pipe - my lust for life
Comes and goes
From above
Demanding purity - sobriety
Cursing me like a sledge
Hammering down at me

Out of the waterpipe
I suck my lust for life
And all my floating dreams

It seems
Up on the gallery
God shouting down at me
Something i can not hear

Tears falling from the sky
Words from a lullaby
Everything beautiful dies
For now, we're hanging in
Though we are blessed with sin
You make my tired heart sing

You can be a sunbeam
And shine for a while
For a while
You can laugh a lot
And bring out that smile

For now we're hanging in
Even though we're blessed with sin
You make my heart …
You make my tired heart sing

Tears falling from the sky …

I'm on a tender trip
Slowly i'm losing grip
Madness is in the air i fear
Stay, you're my acid-queen
Stay on my faded team
Run through the corridor with me


Sanguine Sky
My blood is tainted; azure blue
A setting sun bleeding
Into an ocean of tears, for you

It's an exodus from the dark
The night is breathing; the night is exhaling
Falling, falling – up a staircase
Towards the moon, the stars, and a venus-kissed mars

Blood runs south
As the days grow darker
And this fight is eating at me
I see the dead awaken
My fate forsaken; i'm free

I am talking on a hidden line
She says she's feeding; she says she's dead
She says – there is a downward spiral
From the moon, the stars, the ever-warring mars
QueeN Of The DamneD

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--PaRaNoİd SiZoFrEnİ--

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Encapsulate the night!
wrap up the truth in candy-striped paper
and throw us a blood-sodden
torn and holey
rotten through the core

I stand with you now, my friend
My razor tongue is licking your rosy cheeks and battered ears
I whisper sordid secrets that are neither true nor false
I hold your hand in defiance
Amplify your feeble voice against evil
I hold your spine and shake most violently

The silver light is overthrown
Rejoice with me
for we have denominated the devil
(And I shall get to fulfil my own)

When I die, I slay a hundred
When I die, I raise a thousand

Rejoice with me
for we have denominated the devil
(And I shall get to fulfil my own)

Every bullet hole in our holy town
is an orifice for me to rape
every woman slain is my whore
and every precious child crying
a golden orb of fire

I stand with you now, my friend
I nibble at your earlobes
till they bleed the truth divine
Smear my name in their fearful faces
I hold your hand in vengeance
Your muffled words are a horrid
choir across the sea
This licking pyre cannot be douted by
their tears



This is the slowest dance
The dance of a thousand years
The dance of the frozen statues
Clinging together in tears

This is the darkest fight
The fight of a thousand years
The pounding of blood
Through our veins
In our veins
In our eyes
The circles of fear

I cling to you
So cold, so bright
Cling to me through the night

In our veins
Through our veins
The circles of fear
I cling to you
Cling to you
So cold, so bright

Motionless faces
Park of the wasted
In the pale gloom
I hang on to you
In the pale gloom
I am safe and cool

I swim in you
In your dark rivers
Dive in your mind
Search for your monsters
Search for resistance
Sink into the mud
Dance in the halls of insanity
Yet madness is
Your highest deed
Your vanity

Mistress - you made me
Mistress - you saved me
In your cold hands
I am just a tool

Mistress - you made me
Mistress - you saved me
In your cold hands
I am safe and cool

I swim in you
In your dark rivers
Dive in your mind
Search for your monsters
Search for resistance
Sink into the mud
Dance in the halls of insanity
Yet madness is
Your highest deed
Your vanity


The Wretched

Welcome, my friend
(Now) It's you and I
Do you sense the eye that watches you?
Can you feel her muted scream?
This is our very own horrid dream

Can you hear her hollow cry?
From the other side
You can't see her - you can't reach her
But you feel her watching you

Now she sings her lullaby
The sun has died
This is the voyage that never ends

A black light
The lost souls are craving
Clinging to their last glimpse of hope
The restless won't leave you alone
You cannot set them free
The blood flows
Your fear grows
Awaiting an accident
Veiled eyes
See right through your darkened mind
You cannot set them free

The song of demons plays on the wind
Can you hear the wretched's call?
Their shuffling feet
Your pounding heart
Now you know you're falling
Chanting words you do not catch
Their cries for help you never sensed
An organic mass of despair
This nightly mare

They cry your name, which is silence
They play their game, which is violence




In your web
The threads entangle
Your prey is dead -
Dyed in silence

I'll forever stay with you
At your feet I will kneel
At your will
Dead silent

When I move - I am moved by you
When you rule - All is ruled by you
In your world - There is only you
In my world - There is only you

In your web
The threads entangle
At your will
Dead silent

Your words are shivers down my spine
I'm numb and shapeless - in your web - in your web
My blood runs slow and red like wine
The past is shattered - forever

I serve your will - for I have been bruised and battered
and covered
I serve your will - for I have been ordinated your lover


Tied up and gagged
Hooded and tagged
They're all yours to command

I am corpse, I am carrion prey
I have a crow at each brow
plucking eyes in my mask of death
The darkness is complete

Who's the hooded one, mother mine?
Who is gagged when all are silent?
and bitten when we move

Inflamed! My mask is burning
The night is dead; dark, putrid flesh turning
'pon a chair in the dying corner
I am your bagful of fear
I'll commit, I'll admit
I'll be the dagger, drive me in
I'll be all motionless and still
My river runs within - still and deep

I am beast, I am carrion prey to the Cyclops tribe
String me up to a cherry tree
come one, come all - and hang with me
I'm already hogtied - entangled in your marionette strings

I am dancing
the embodiment of fear
a shake for every fearful tear
a ruckus for the righteous
In the end
They no longer know
cast stones into mirrors - onto themselves

Mother mine!
Stab yourself, mother mine
bleed your own river, dark and wide
Mine runs within, still and deep
Don't shake me so, it will overflow


At night - asleep
Nightmares - not dreams
Drag me through the dirt
There is no place to run - nor hide

He's in my blood
I try to keep him out
He rules the pain
He makes up the ugly thoughts
The rotten words
He distracts my nerves

His claws
His poisoned laughter twists the knife
His long sharp teeth
Motionless silence
Sullen muttering

He holds the blame
He's in my veins

He holds the blame
I try to keep him out
He rules the pain inside
He makes up the ugly thoughts
The rotten words
He distracts my nerves

I've never seen his face
But I have felt his breath so many times
Soaked in sweat
Sleepingpills and cigarettes
But when the day
chases the night away:


The Gate

[Bonus Track]

An army of ambition
is moving
and it shakes the ground
Ten thousand hungry hearts
with iron heels
Burns and rapes
Sucks the earth dry
Cuts and slays
All that gets in its way
Mighty forces of destruction
Way beyond control
Nothing sleeps tonight

Decay and sinister silence
Your world ripped in dust and ruins

I shed no tears for your pain
I shed no tears for the past

Unleash all the beasts from imprisonment
And arm them with sticks and stones
Bring them into the land of chaos
Watch mankind's last gate fall

Trembling hands in fire burned
As we march into the night
Every last stone will be turned
Within the bright daylight

We are the hounds of hell
You will kneel
You will bend
We feast at her grave
In the bloodmist we stand



There is only one way out
One word left to shout
The last little slope to climb
Then my feet slip again
Your threatening voice
Gets me back up on my feet again

I will find the truth within your skin
You keep feeding me distractions
Feeding me lies
But I know the truth is there
In fragments
in bits
and pieces

Tall and slender
But your eyes are lustreless
Your facade may glimmer
Your surface may be smooth silk
You've been convinced of your own illusions
But your weary eyes unveil a sinner

Steadily you hunt me down
Until my feet collapse
You never rest
Struggling to breathe
You try to sink me in the mud

My dearest enslaved
Locked up in my cage
My dearest enslaved
Fragile beauty depraved

I'm Nothin'
| LucifeR And LiLitH |
GöLgeLer SakLanmıştı SoyutsaL Dünyaya
KehanetLer YükseLiyordu Bağnaz Beyin HücreLerinden aLev aLev
Tüm yoLLar, SonsuzLuktan Teğet Geçiyordu
Psikozdaydı Tüm RuhLar,
YitişLer BaşLadı Dipsiz KuyuLarda
Emanet BırakıLan KaLpLer,
KinLe DoLup Taştı
DenizLer, Maviye Düşman oLup buLanıkLığı Seçti
Ağrı Gibi GeLip Geçiciydi UmutLar
Terk EdiLmemiş Bir Tek yaLnızLık kaLdı
AksırıkLarında İhtiyarLarın ''İmdat'' ÇağrıLarı YükseLdi
DuyuLar biLinmeyenin Soğuk Ruhu Tarafından Esir aLındı
KayboLanLar KayboLmuşLara RastLadı
Ve MasaL
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